What Should Clothes Say About Me?

Muslim women are often judged and criticized because they dress in traditional and very conservative clothing.  The most controversial part of their attire is the hijab or headscarf they use to cover their hair and sometimes much of their faces.  People cast judgement from the first glance at these women and treat them differently because of there appearance.  In countries where traditional Muslim dress is not the norm, people feel uncomfortable around that type of diversity. What they fail to remember is that devout religious women of almost any tradition have similar standards for conservative dress.  Catholic nuns dress almost identically to Muslim women, yet donning a habit comes with less negative stereotypes. I know that I am not entirely judgement free, but with this in mind I will try to be less rash in making assumptions about people’s lifestyle, character, and affiliations by what cultural or religious clothing they choose to wear.  ~B.G.


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