When The Truth Is Not Enough

A week ago, I would have argued that the only thing that matters in life is finding the truth. Since then, I have had some great conversations with Brittany and in class, and I have come to realize that the truth is extremely limited. There are too many things that we can never know about life and then we have to look to other methods of “proof” to validate our beliefs. The movie Life of Pi makes the argument that religion should be believed, even if it isn’t true, because it is the better story. How can we go through life thinking we are an accident and that our lives mean absolutely nothing in the long run? We need religion because without it, we have nothing and we are nothing of any significance at all. One of my personal favorite arguments is Pascal’s Wager, which states that we should believe in God because that is the only logical thing to do. If there is a God, and we don’t believe in him then we get an eternity in Hell, but if we do believe in him, we get an eternity in Heaven. If we believe in God and he isn’t real, then so what? We lived a good and productive life, and the payoff for any kind of life without God is nonexistence anyways. Yes, both of these arguments are imperfect and fail to analyze how there are hundreds of gods to choose from, but the essence of these arguments is extremely valuable. When we can’t prove one hundred percent that what we believe in is true, and we never willl be able to, we have these sorts of logical analyses to back us up and to help us believe what we need to believe in.

Jayden Olsen


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