If This Be My Destiny

I ate some cauliflower at dinner last night. I used to hate cauliflower but my mom forced me to eat it because “there are people in the third world who would kill to eat that.” When I was a kid I remember thinking that my life would be so much easier if I had been born somewhere where kids didn’t have to eat cauliflower or go to school. I mean what did I do to deserve this life? Now, I have a greater appreciation for all of things I have been “blessed” with but I still wonder why I get to enjoy this life while so many people are stuck with horrible lives. And further more, if the Christian God is real and I found him because of the circumstances I was born into, then what happens to all of the people who never get the chance to find him? There are people born every day with horrible diseases and defects that never live even close to long enough to find Christ for themselves and others are born into situations that nearly guarantee that they will never be able to find Christ. Can eternal salvation really be gifted based on the environment we are born into? If we look back just a thousand years, only a very small percentage of the world would have any hope at all of making it to heaven and all that most of the rest of the world did to guarantee damnation was to be born in the wrong location. I still believe that my God is the one true God and that his plan is good but I just can’t understand his ways sometimes. Am I following a lie because I was born into it? Is anyone on Earth following the truth? Or is there some other planet out there that was chosen to know the truth while our planet was chosen to live in humorous ignorance?

Jayden Olsen


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