INTP, INFJ, ESTJ, ESTP or Christian?

religion flowchart with agnostic

Can religion be simplified to a personality test?  By answering simple questions about how we respond to certain situations, a system can classify what kind of people we are.  Why not use a similar strategy to decide what religion is best for every individual to practice?  The way we choose our beliefs now does not involve much reasoning or consideration for diverse cultural exposure. Most beliefs are taught to children at a young age by their parents, and the children grow up seeing the world through that lens.  This makes it difficult for a child to go against a tradition that has always been a part of his life; it becomes a comfort and one of few constants in an ever changing world.  In modern society, Sunday is just another day and the world is growing smaller with fewer defined cultural boundaries.  With exposure to diverse ideologies and a decrease in religious orthodoxy, adolescents sometimes find themselves conflicted about values.  However, it is very difficult to question hereditary beliefs or have an objective conversation with parents when there is disagreement.   Religion should be a journey, a search and a more casual topic so that people are devoted because it is something they believe in and not just something they were brought up with or whatever is socially acceptable at the time.  But would it be possible to classify what religion most aligns with a person’s views of life and values?   This could encourage wider exploration and participation in religion.  A religious personality test might consider what tradition a person grew up with, what they know of other religions, what their morals are, beliefs of afterlife and science, and lifestyle, as well as other factors to match you with your most compatible religious tradition.  Would something like this make more people religious, spiritual or virtuous as a society?


2 thoughts on “INTP, INFJ, ESTJ, ESTP or Christian?”

  1. I completely agree that we need to be exposed to a greater variety of religious traditions, but a personality test probably isn’t the answer. Religion is about finding the truth and connecting to ultimate reality, not joining the group you best fit into. I think followers from every tradition would be upset by something so profane advertising their practices as such straight forward and simple ideas. Also, a questionnaire can never capture the mysterium tremendum that religion is supposed to convey so your survey would be killing what makes the sacred sacred. If religion could be simplified to a personality test, it would lose its validity and would mean little more than wearing the jersey of your favorite sports team. At least when you wear the jersey, you picked the team yourself so it means something to you.
    Jayden Olsen


  2. Some people in search of the truth are simply unsure what path to take. In this situation they could choose to try such an evaluation of the beliefs and values they already practice in their lives to see if there is a religious tradition that would enhance their spiritual practices without contradicting what they already believe. A test like this may be a profane tool, but those exist in every religion, like a churches advertising their services or I understand your argument, however I feel that this in no way debase religion. It would not necessarily convert people or make them more devout, it would simply offer direction. Each person would still be responsible for becoming an informed, and dedicated religious person. ~B.G.


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