Do I Have Faith?

My mom wears a cross around her neck every day that represents her religious Faith; I wear a cross bracelet every day that represents faith, but holds no religious value to me.  I was given my bracelet as a gift from the girls track team my senior year.  It came with a card that said “Faith doesn’t make it easier; it makes it possible.”  This message resonated with me because of the experience I had during my last track race of my senior year.  It was an emotionally charged race, and it was a relay so I had a team counting on me. Moving on to the next meet didn’t come down to preparation, the girls I was racing were just as fast as I was.  It came down to will and faith in my own ability. There was a group of three of us in the final lap and only two spots to the New England Regional Meet.  I got ahead of the girl and defeated her mental game by passing her and running faster as my coach yelled “It’s all heart!”  The feeling of crossing the finish line in that race and securing a spot for my team at the next level of competition was incredible, akin to my understanding of hierophany yet not religious at all.  That is what my cross symbolizes, but to my mother it represents her Faith in God and Jesus.  My mother likes the poem Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson.  I interpret her connection with this poem similar to mine with my cross bracelet.  Last few lines of the poem read “The times when you have/seen only one set of footprints,/is when I carried you.”  This is a poem of Faith to help get by in rough times, the way faith helped me in my race.  I hope to build a religious sense of the word faith as I continue through my life. I admire my mothers conviction and aspire to find that same feeling and Faith that she always carries with her.


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